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New release: Mega Slot Machine Pro.

November 28, 2010

New release:  Mega Slot Machine Pro.

This slot machine is in Mega Slot series with a bonus wheel. It is build for high performance and high resolution.

This build support Tablet with various resolution.





Progressive Slot Machine

May 17, 2010

MobileByTh2 just release a famous Las Vegas style “Progressive Slot Machine”

Here are some snap shot.



Mega Slot Machine

May 2, 2010

NOTE: To answer some of the feed back comments.

1. Use your phone Ringer Volume Control to control the game sounds

2. The display winning number can only hole 9,999,999 credits. If  larger the  that, it will hold the 10,000,000 in the bank and display any less than 10,000,000. You will not loss the winning credits. You can check the statistics in the Menu. Use Phone Menu button.

3. The bonus wheel only appear with the max bet = 300 credits.

4. The credits are virtual score for fun, and have no cash value.


We just release the Mega Slot Machine for Android OS. This is the “High Limits” machine. Player can enjoy the BIG bet with minimum 100 credits and maximum 300 credits. The Jackpot up to 3,000,000 credits. The Mega Slot Machine also build-in the bonus Wheel. When three wheel in any position, the Bonus Wheel will appear. Feature can save scores.

Scan this Bar code to go there.


Here are some snapshots.


The Bonus wheel


The statistics screen


With help menu..


Slot Machine by MobileSoftByTh2

April 11, 2010

This slot machine for Android OS.

Note 1:

Just release version 1.2 for trial. Release version 1.3 ,  support Motorola Droid and any other with resolution 320×480 and 480×800.

Note 2: Thank you for those of you who selected Slot Machine by MobileSoftByTh2 for your entertaining games, we hope you enjoy the game. Especially thanks for those who leave comments, good or bad. Your suggestions are valuable to us. Our intention for the game was that not to use any Network System, nor we do any write access to the SD Card. Therefore, at this time we will not save the scores or provide multiple user name for competition.We will continued making improvement to the game, and you will have an opportunity to upgrade at free of charge.

Scan this Bar code to go there

Check out the YouTube Video.

Here are some snapshot of it. As you can see, I use the Technology for symbols.

Such as GSM, CDMA, UMTS, 2G and 3G
Tested on 480 x 800 and 320 x 480 device, as well as on the simuator. Works great.




The Paylines list of winning combination

If any combination of 2G or 3G will multiply the paylines. 2G = 2x and 3G=3x

Here is an example of winning combination of  2G, 2G and CDMA

The CDMA = 20 credits. If play 3 credits = 60 credits. For the two of 2G = 4x (4 time) of the 60 = 240 credits.



There is a Menu to the setup. You can find Help, About and Quit


Quit the game is to shut it down. Normally you want to close the application and go back again when need it.

If you chose to quit, the application will close and will not save your scores.

Use the Home Button to close the game instead of Quit.

Hope you enjoy it.


Android slot machine